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pressed plates

  Bmw 330d m sport
would police pull me if i had some pressed plates black ones same colour as my car but will have the reg a light blue colour ?
  mps aero
im pretty sure they wud, but not 100% lol they can pull u for having the wrong spacing between letters so colour may b an issue.


ClioSport Club Member
  Astra VXR
Pulled for anything these days. iirc all you can do is add a flag at the side or change the actual size of the surround.

Saying that, I've driven around with illegal plates for three years and never been pulled ;)


ClioSport Club Member
  Mini GP1, Clio 182
dunno if you'd get pulled.. all depends on there mood i suppose but they are illegal..

a 100% legal plate must be reflective, white for front and yellow for rear, either have the dealer's name and postcode on the bottom or the place the plates were made and a BSAU stamp on the bottom, nothing else.. oh yeah and the correct font and spacing.
you will get pulled dude, i had some pressed plates on my motor and drove for 1 yr then 2 weeks ago got pulled as there comp onboard cannot read my rear plate, i had to change my plates and get a stamp from a mot station in total cost around £60