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Pretty dumb welding question

Can you well mild steel to cast?... I dodn't think you can

but if you can it will save me the ballache of making a turbo downpipe flange

Failing that.. anyone know where i can buy a T2 downpipe flange? lol



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Like cast aluminium?

You can't. The heat would melt the cast.

Sometimes it can work at a really low heat weld tho.
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You can, and you can make it strong. The trick is to slow down the cooling to prevent crack propogation due to shrinkage. You need to get the cast iron red hot with a gas torch before you even put the welder near it, then keep using the gas torch to slow down the cooling of the weld.

Be better off buying a flange though. Think they're on ebay still. If not try
The flanges can be bought, like above. Alternatively, The guy who made my manifold for me just went along to a machining place who do laser cutting. You can find an engineering drawing of a T28/T25/T2 flange (whatever you want to call it) on the garrett website.

Interesting what dan says about welding to cast. Be a funny thing to have a pop at :D

What's the project winston? Bigger turbo on the diesel or something?
Cheers guys.... Ive looked on loads of websites but i can't find a flange small enuff lol

Good shout about the Garret site... Ive got a gasket but jords helpping me out so need to find a technical drawing

Im just making a 2.5" downpipe for my Caddy its the best mod you can do to the idi lumps... Its the only real big job left to do
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it can be done better with tig welding it using a bigger shroud for gas coverage and plenty of argon gas with the correct filler wire composition :)