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Primer and Fibreglass - Buying?!

  Pink & Blue 182, JDM DC2
I need to buy some paint/primer/fibreglass and want to know the cheapest place to go. I'm going to need a fair bit and I'd rather not go to Halfrauds as it will be a huge ripoff.

Any help appreciated!
  Chocolate Bar™
if i needed a load of resin / filler i'd go to a directly to a paint suppliers (you should be able to find some after a search through yellow pages). halfords arent that bad in all honesty, but if you need more than 2l of both your going to make a good saving by avoiding them. if your friends with anyone who runs a bodysho get their supplier information - thats how i found out about a mint cheap as chips supplier in stoke.

if its paint are really good. not particularly cheap, but ive never had a problem with any of the paint they've supplied. they also do all the full size tins if your using 2 pack paint etc.