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Pro Evo 6 in 'Not that Good' shocker

  UR R26R.5, VW Golf R
Originally Posted by drekkard
"Ok, taht's all they've done in one year? Even from we10 they've only done that? What a terrible disgrace. I won't give this people any single euro more until they show me something in return." That is the conclusion after wasting some hours with pes6.

There's nothing new since we10. The changes made are so minor that couldn't even be called expansion pack, nor a simple patch. Not only they added NOTHNIG to gameplay, it's just that now it's worse. And by miles. There's an terrible unbalance between what you can do in attack and in defense. So arcadish. The physics of the ball may seem right, but please, look at all that odd deflections, the nonsense headers, the countless times that when players collide the ball goes to impossible places. Physics are quite wrong when this situations happen. Now someone will call me nasty things, but though in shooting and passing fifa07 is far inferior, simulating things like deflecions ands rebounds fifa07 is, BY FAR, better than this. Of course pes is still better in general in terms of gameplay.

What about mass? Players now have no mass! When they collide, most of the times the attacker simply passes through the defender. In general, it seems as if all the players had the body covered in oil, and there's no friction at all (don't judge this sentence, please). That results in very big spaces with passes that go always to the feet and if the opponent succeeds in closing gaps (difficult) at the very best it results in melees with quite misterious results. The thing is, in terms of AI and physics simulation, it seems like watching a school match of boys age 8-10.

I can recall playing pes3 and pes4 and doing brilliant plays, having to make effort but with great results. In pes5 it was almost impossible to do great plays because of the intervention of the cpu in every aspect of the game. Now you are more "loose", but too much! And you hardly do brilliant plays (not refering to goals, I talk about unexpected passes, combinations, etc..). I remember how in pes4 when I had a counterattack I could do a 2-1 to the keeper, pass it to the other striker and score on an empty net. But you had to fight and pass a lot before to do that. Now, you can run from midfield beating all defenders but your teammates hardly understand what you're doing. Generally, AI is a mess, and you don't find any good moves during a match, just the same as before. Even in defense there are this shocking runs to nowhere performed by your CBs or Sidebacks letting all the space to the opposition.

There's still that annoying 1/4 second freeze sometimes when you select a player that was moving, or he simply slows and begin to turn unnnecessarily as if he suddenly woke up! And supercancel it's still difficult to do and has speed problems (sometimes it freezes your player, sometimes it refuses to change direction for a while, you know...).

About passing, it's the same, only minor tweaks, specially to high chipped long passes, but too subtle. It's still easier to fail passing to a teammate who is 6 feet away than doing those stupid but overused passes from defender to striker. At the end, there's no real midfield in this game, no more build up of play. And it's not slower than pes5, who said that? It's faster, real faster if you want. Yes, you could waste time trying to recreate football, but you know that you can shoot after 3 straight passes, so in tournaments against friends what do you think that will happen?

In shooting, it's strictly the same as before. You can shoot from 35 meters with adriano no matter how you do and later on shoot a sitter to the grounds, and you won't never know why, there's no reason other than all this "randomize" things fashion that now rules in pes, where, at least to me, nothing has much sense right now; nor the ball physics, nor the player collisions, nor the passing...

I even managed to feel again the cheats of the CPU after my 9th (and becoming already bored) match in master league (averaging a 4-1 scoresheet), when cpu was freezing players, changing direction of my runs, scoring always in corners or free kicks when going down... you know, all that embarrassing things that seabass called "bending the match" and add nothing to the experience other than fustration and sometimes even a draw. But this time it had less power than in pes5, I grant you that.

Bad keepers are still there (they STILL are unable to cover the short post though they block maybe 10% more balls than in we10. great, yes, impressive). In master league, after 9 matches, my keeper (Victor Valdes) had only blocked one shot. The rest, even bouncy slow balls, generated a second chance.

And I thing "embarrassing" is the emotion I felt after trying the game. They don't deserve my money anymore if that is what they do after a whole year. Considering they haven't changed the engine, nor the graphics, etc...

What have they done?

Some new animations?
New kits? (the scene does that much better)
They lost some licenses by the road?

There are really not many positive things to be said about pes6 if you played we10, unless the net code is far better (i don't have ps2 modem). And though I didn't like very much pes5, I think pes5 could still be called "Pro Evolution". This one is definitely not an evolution for me, it's the least evolved piece of software worth 60€ I've ever seen.

Oh, yes, maybe this year they added some more dogs in pes-shop. How exciting! :rolleyes:

Full link to 13 Pages of unhappiness...

PES6 Observations:
It is very similar to WE10 as we all knew it would be.
Compared to WE10 there are quite a few extra animations, especially notiacable when the keepers catch and hold onto the ball.

The keepers are still very poor - they spill a lot of shots allowing simple tap-ins and they do not react very well to some shots which fly right by them, when they should not be doing so.

From the teams I saw, the national squads are as they were for the world cup. So for England it's Owen and Crouch up front with Rooney and Walcott on the bench. This is awful news for those who play in tournaments as these will be the only forwards available to those who play as England - for a whole year! Also, van Nistelrooy is still at Manchester United.

It is quite safe to say that this was a beta version rather than the final version due to a few oddities with the kits. Manchester United has a home kit that looked like Inter Milan's home kit. The Chelsea kit had no sponsors. But the England kit was fully licenced and looks quite good.

There is a new range of balls available to play with - and in my opinion, most of them don't look very good.

Some players had updated stats. Players I noticed included Aaron Lennon who looks very good, Michael Carrick is also improved. Ronaldinho is still unstoppable and Rooney remains a powerhouse!
  UR R26R.5, VW Golf R
JJ, I think thats up in the air at the moment. Few people say there is an Edit Mode. God knows, I dont have a 360 anyway.

Didnt know it was a repost? I only copied that link today, thought it was new. Damn that word.
  UR R26R.5, VW Golf R

In fairness, most reviews have given it a thumbs up 90%+.
Its just dedicated forum boards that scrutinise every possible flaw that make it sound bad. The keepers, in general, are supposed to be very poor. Lots of fumbling and rebounds into their own nets etc. Obviously used David James for the motion capture. Mwaha.