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prob with elephant

i posted up a while ago about what hapens if i sell my 16v then buy the fiat coupe, what would happen to the insurance etc.

there is no way that i can keep the clio & buy a coupe (i need the money from the clio basically to spent more on a coupe)
i know about putting the policy on hold etc, but i though i will check elephants policy etc, its due on 10th june

they told me that once i cancel it i will need to send back the paperwork (ok fair enough)
i will get a credit for the remaining policy time - to use aginst the additional cost of the coupe (as its more to insure)
so what happens to my ncd ? (i will have 3 yrs in june) basically i need to insure the new car by the renewal - or i will lose the years ncd !!!

is this normal ?

one thing i have just thought of, i could keep the clio till june - thus guaranteeing 3yrs ncd, then change the policy ?

what do you reckon ?

I went travelling last in June last year and got back about a month ago, have now got a 172 and still used my NCB. Was bricking it a bit though as Id put an offer in on the car and then by chance someone at work said they only hold your NCB for you for 6 months now (he was with the AA mind you). I was always under the impression it was 2 years also. Depends on who youre with mate. You could always cancel your policy, get a refund and proof of your NCB and try elsewhere, Im with Highway through Greenlight and they were cheaper then Elephant and accepted my NCB.