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problem with u poxy torrent

was maxing out at 1.4mb/s a few days ago,

Seeder's are high yet i cant get above 20 kbs?


Any ideas on how to improve this?
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Can't people dictate how much they upload, I'm no expert, sure someone will be along to help ya....


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Who's your ISP? You might have had your connection throttled if you've downloaded a lot or they've recently started traffic shaping.

Virgin Media throttle your bandwidth if you're on anything other than the 50mbit package. A lot of other ISP's do as well.
was gonna say you're probably being throttled... google encrypt torrent client or something and you'll get a guide on a work around
thinking about it if youre on utorrent its easy -

utorrent -> options -> preferences -> bittorrent -> protocol encryption section -> try forced, if it doesnt work try enabled and see how you get on.


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Not sure on uTorrent, but on Vuze there's an option to require encrypted connections. If you set the minimum level to RC4 it gets around the port throttling with some ISP's. Another good idea is to configure your uTorrent client to use a different range of ports (and your router if you have one and it's not using UPnP to configure the port forwarding for you).