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Project 'Daily'

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Hi all,

Bought myself a Monaco 172 recently after finally giving in to Dan@519's constant 'buy a Clio they're awesome' comments whenever i was looking for a new fun car.
Its an 02 plate which had blown a head gasket and had a 67k engine fitted with new cam belt done by Owen:s on here and a new clutch when the garage put the engine in - all for £800. BARGAIN! or so i thought.

300 miles into my ownership and i was down at Northampton visiting friends when the brand new clutch died :( Luckily Dan was there when i turned up so he had a look and on the sunday/monday swapped the clutch out for a new one :clap:

This was all that remained of the transmech clutch that had been in a mere 300 miles

Whilst there Dan also fitted:

a new passenger side bottom ball joint
gearbox/engine mount
new discs and mintex 1155 pads up front
new gearbox fluid
polybushed the dogbone
fitted a Ktec induction kit.

The Ktec induction is awesome! really well thought out kit and the noise! :cool:

At this point i just want to say a MASSIVE thank you to Dan for staying late at work and squeezing me in around an already busy few days at work to pull me out of the s**t! Fcuking hero!!

On his recommendation i also got a 3M headlight restoration kit as mine were horrendously cloudy and this is how they came out, chuffed to say the least!

Next up was to source some new tyres for the MOT, as luck would have it I managed to find some OZ F1's in 15" flavour with for legal tyres for £100 collected from Leeds, so I snapped them up and another visit down to Dan for some PI lowering springs and the car was looking much better!

So then it was MOT time which it sailed through on its second attempt (kwik fit failed it on everything they sell when my mrs took it to them, i took it elsewhere and it sailed through :rolleyes:) and i thought it would be smooth driving from there so booked a trackday at Blyton for the 31st July. Only one thing the MOT tester mentioned was that it was leaking quite a lot of oil from one of the cam end seals so i bought two new ones from Ebay.

A few drunken nights on ebay and i ended up with this little lot to get done before the trackday

New header tank
New thermostat
New renault coolant
VW radiator (Oh yeah, i bought some ITB's more on that later)
New BCPR6ES plugs
New cam end seals
ATE superblue brake fluid
Fan fitting kit (have a kenlowe sat gathering dust from a previous project)
Yanoo stiff shift kit

Coolant system went on no problems, and bled up with no issues, New plugs went in (had bosch ones in beforehand :dead:) and the new cam seals went in no problem - though the old ones were a mess and had clearly been re-used when owen:s did the cambelt. not impressed tbh as you can see on the pic, theyre shagged from having a screwdriver stuck in them to lever them out.


Having done all of this i took it for a spin and it started coughing and spluttering and running on 3 cylinders - lots of messaging to Dan and i had it diagnosed as a faulty injector. Again luckily Bigash on here was going to TOTB and had 4 spares. Swapped one of those in and its all running again, and fears of having to cancel the trackday abated.

And thats about where i am. All ready to see how it performs at Blyton on wednesday :D

Oh and during all of the above i bought these Ktec DTH ITB's off of Sharky on here - Just waiting on canems releasing their new ecu or a cheap gen90 to pop up as i dont want a xmas tree dash.
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Had my first trackday in 4 years today at Blyton, and god ive missed it!!

Day started off dry and then it rained quiter heavily and i ended up locking up the brakes a couple of times and then had a HUGE spin on the fast chicane, luckily no damage and after a chill out in the car park it was back out on track for the afternoon session for which the track had dried out considerably.

the afternoon session went much better and i was really starting to get to grips with the car and at one point lost track of time and was out for an hour solid!

The rain sadly came back at about 1530 and put an end to the day really, i tried going out but there was standing water everywhere and i was just babying it round.

A few observations of the car from the day -

  • I need better tyres, budget road tyres are fun but really lacking in grip lol they came on the OZ F1's so i wanted to kill them.
  • I need more camber, the scrub line on the tyres is halfway down the sidewall! hoping cup lower arms will help here.
  • Mintex 1155 pads and ATE superblue is AMAZING as a brake combo. no matter how hard i braked or how long i stayed out they never gave up. the stock discs are now blue with the heat!!
  • i need a bucket seat, i now ache from hanging on :D

ive attached a couple of pics fromt he day.


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This morning I road tested the most important thing ive done to the Clio


A working cup holder! I cant be without my morning coffee (or any other caffeinated product)!!
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Yeah but its terrible! Out of reach, tall cans don't fit, narrow cans fall over, my travel mug gets stuck :(

Apparently there's more room on a cup.....but on a normal Clio the std cup holders are useless so its become my loose change and immoboliser dongle bin :D


  Z4, VW172, R26
Where can I get one of those cup holders? Love how the cars coming on, shame so much has gone wrong.
  A shed
I actually don't know where its from, I can try find a brand etc on it :)

A friends skyline came with two in years ago and I've hung onto them since as he didn't want them

And cheers :)
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A small update:

Bought some 195/50 595 rs-r's to replace the utterly awful budgets that were on the wheels. Already the car feels less crashy, sharper turn in and bags more grip :D Not that any of that is a surprise mind.......

Sadly with the smaller profile tyre i can now smuggle families in the arch gap again :(

And ive booked up some more trackdays - Donington on the 16th Sept., Spa on the 10th Oct and then a ring trip the weekend after that :D

Cannot wait!! So excited I gave the car a wash and a polish and it rewarded me by chipping some paint off the passenger wing mirror when i was jetting it :rolleyes:
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Was at Donington yesterday and what a day! Forecast leading up to the day wasnt good but luckily we only had a couple of showers which didnt ruin the day as it only showered when we were in the pits on a cool down.

I had fitted camber bolts and set them to max to try and alleviate some of the understeer issues from Blyton (along with the rsr-r's id already fitted) and had bought some cup lower arms, but sadly work got in the way of them being fitted so they will have to wait till Spa.

The grip levels were leaps and bounds up on blyton but sadly the rsr-r's werent man enough for the job and by 1400hrs the front outside tyre had melted down to the wear markers and i was really struggling with them. Swapped them front to back but the problem was still there. Seems the rumours of two different types are true and these ones from mytyres are in fact s**te!

Been offered some of the new AD08R's for cheaps to replace them with so hopefully wont have the same issues in the future.

the tyre in question, this was at lunch time (less than 2000 miles and half a trackday). others havent faired much better :(

also this may have happened during one of the sessions.......the sleeve joint got hot enough to work itself loose with the vibrations lol


One thing i did feel is that stock 172's are woefully under powered on a big circuit like donington, thank god ive got the ITB's to go on over winter!
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Had a hard time of things lately so decided to cheer myself up and get the bodies fitted. Sadly it seems the cam timing is off and is holding it back but im happy all the same as its an improvement, and planning cams later in the year along with longer trumpets. Had we had more time we might have sorted the timing issue but with cams planned already it seemed a lot of aggro.

huge thanks to Dan @ 519automotive for the spanner work and mapping!



ClioSport Club Member
Aha! Glad to see those ITB's have been put to good use! :) Those results aren't too shabby either. With the timing sorted, new cams and a remap I think you'll have quite a nicely sorted Clio right there fella ;)