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Proper Way to clean a car!

  200 Gordini No.159

So I'm confused.

I normally clean my car with some car wash cleaner and maybe give it a wax, or just take it to the car wash.... but I've decided it deserves more 'love' than that.

I've done some searching and I can't find a 'definite' guide on how to clean a car properly. I mean I seen everyone posting on here about 'snowfoaming, tar remover, car cleaner, iron x, polishing etc etc', but have no idea what products to use, which are the best, what order to do them in.

I realise this probably open to some debate just down the personal preference.....

I just want an overview on how to do it properly (what order to do it in and maybe what the best products are to use)



p.s no shouting at me because I used to take the car to a car wash, I'm making an effort now lol
  200 Gordini No.159
Thanks, Yer I now, I've been looking around and it does seem like its gonna get expensive haha
  Listerine & Poledo
Give £10 to some eastern europeans.

They'll do a better job and you get to not waste all afternoon on it.
  Golf GT & A4 Avant
I think we ought to entrust JD with moderator status for the sub forum to deal with such wise and helpful comments. Lol