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Police Pulled me for the first time tonight ...their reasion...they thought i made off when seeing them so i could dispose of drugs or prehaps a wepon! They didnt believe the car was registered to me either ..then asking me about my job etc...what the f**k they just wanted to sit in my car! they serched the car and me..full body search ...they thought they had struck gold when i pulled out some old silver foil chewing gum rapers out of my pocket...hahaha ...great moment!


  Shiny red R32


I really think that they were wanting to have a good close-up look at your cute little car!
  Mk4 golf gti

f**king pigs they pull perfectly legal well maintained modded motas but wouldnt do 2 a skoda wiv slicks, clouds of smoke no tax/insurance jus coz they jealous of not having a modded mota

fried bacon please

:eek:i see cars driving about with about 10 kids in with a combined age of about 12 around all the time ?? where are the cops?

Even tho i had done nothing wrong they made me feel like i was guilty of something!!!

Damn i had better take back that over due libary book!

they do that to every young driver.

I got pulled and the guy was asking me if i had been drinking or taking

So why are you out so late...i was at a you were you are allowed into clubs without being drunk officer.

(breath test....negative result)

Then he said...thats quite a new car...whats your job..."i work in halfords and go to uni"

"so how can you afford such a new car"

by this time i was getting annoyed with the patronising questions

"well thats actually none of your business"

they then gave me all this grief, about being cheeky and how i should respect the law. Was getting pretty sick, i then gave a pretty fair comment, give my some repsect and ill treat you the same.

The guy gave me further bull sh*t about watching my mouth etc and then let me go.

Normally im pretty nice to the police, i know they are just doing their job. Just this guy really annoyed me.