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PULLING to left under acceleration?

  H22A7 Accord Type R
what could this be? Just got my van back after some work doing - new wheel, tyre, tracking etc. First time its been 'straight' since work bought me it! Anyway, now, it feels like it is trying to pull to the left when i accelerate?

Im thinking either........tyre pressures different on front two wheels or.........
due to the fact i had to get a new wheel, due to it being bent.......that the van has had a hefty impact on that wheel and the chassis is a bit out - only now has it come to light since it has been tracked properly???

opinions people as to what would cause it to pull to one side under acceleration (60 odd bhp of it lol)
  H22A7 Accord Type R
it just passed its MOT today so i guess it must be the pressures? the new tyre maybe different to the other! easiest thing to check so i will look at that tomorrow! :)


  2004 Clio Cup 172
is the new tyre directional? if you hav one tyre directional and the other isnt it will pull to one side during acceleration!
  H22A7 Accord Type R
hmm nah, they are differnt types tho, one is a conti, the other a half worn michelin.....think my workmate has a spare wheel / conti at work. might have to 'borrow' it
  Black 172
mine pulls to left under braking, cant help anymore than

Dave, check your tracking mate, could be out by a few mill. Take it down a garage, it's free to check (most of them) but costs around £20 to realign. Worth it in the end to avoid uneven tire wearness.

My 172 was out a miniscule but made a huge impact. Never pulled to the left though, just felt unsettled at speed.

You should have the same tyres on the same axle.
  H22A7 Accord Type R
yea i know about the tyres Rob, need to swing that by the boss tho - to replace a tyre that doesnt 'need' it. ITs weird, i think its a bent strut now? when i brake, it dips more at the drivers side, and gives a feeling that the passenger wheel (the side ive had all the problems with) is actually 'behind' the drivers wheel?

the wheel got replaced as it was bent, the bumper is also bent slightly on that side, as is the towing eye.... im convinced there is mroe damaged from whenever it has been bumped, than just a wheel and tyre??
...........been out in the Type R today....bliss!! ;)