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Puma Racing (Dissapointing)

My G/F sisters brother picked up a Puma racing at the weekend and although it looks a nice car, inside and out I was very suprised how easy I left it behind from a standing start. Any one got any opinions on this car. He paid 14 grand for it with 32,000 miles on the clock.
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if its ur g/fs sisters brother...........wouldnt that be the same as your g/fs brother ?

It is a nice looking car and seems to handle very well. What bhp are they?? Just that before he picked it up he was going on about it being able to hit 60 in 7 seconds etc and I was suprised how I left it behind. Didnt get a perfect start either due to the wet and DSC kicking in on a change into second gear.
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Theyre 153bhp, 0-60 is 7.8s. I remeber when they came out people were saying that it was a bit slow, but the handling is spot on.

They were £23000 brand new so £14k isnt too bad I spose but you are paying for the rarity factor rather than performance.

(all figures brought to you in association with Parkers Car Price Guide:D)


My mate (with the red civic type R) just sold his for 14 grand! could have been the same one?

We raced 100s of times and in a straight line there was absolutly nothing in it at all, exactly spot on identical. But round corners the puma was much more superior. I used to be on 3 wheels with the back end twitching and he was on all 4s gliding round effortlessly.

Nice motors but were extremely over priced when new.
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They are lovely...I love the seats and pumped arches but they just dont perform like the price tag would suggest.

They would not keep up with a 172 or Cooper-S in a straight line but they are built more for cornering. Specs are:

Max Speed: 126mph

0-62mph: 7.9 secs

Power: 153bhp at 7000rpm

Torque: 119lb ft

Cheers Geoff, I trust your figures are correct and that settles my query.

Personally think he should have shelled out an extra grand or so and had a night less on the piss each month and got a three year old Elise.
  Silver Fabia vRS

I got them off a dedicated Racing Puma site so I hope so but im sure I have the original brochure at home so will check to see if I have it tonight. I agree with you about the Elsie though.

How you finding the Cooper-S now? A few of them around now but no where near as common as the Civic Type-Rs
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yeah Ive had a small race with 1 in the Williams. I was backing off a bit to avoid hitting it (raced on a straight up a hill)

Geoff - The Cooper is S is going well. All run in now and having fun. Not that I actually ran it in to the book as I met up with a couple of 172ers from this forum and went out for a good blast with them in the peak district. Getting the 212 bhp conversion fitted by Hartge in January so looking forward to that. Either that or the John Cooper Works kit but Hartge give better power gains for almost 2 grand less.....Although you do loose your warrenty. Test figures of the Hartge upgrade show 16 seconds flat to 100 which is pretty reasonable. Then again so it should be as this will have taken my car comfortably over the 20K mark!!!!