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Punto GT


ClioSport Club Member
  Astra VXR
I had a yellow GT3. Worst car I ever owned 🤫 it was quite fun when it worked properly, which was about 12% of the time. Think I only lasted 6 months before f**king it off!
  Mk1 Mr2
So that’s 1000 miles done in the Punto.. The only issues I’ve had are the sunroof seal dropped out on my head and I’ve had to have the exhaust back box tweaked slightly as it was catching on one of the rear springs.
I was reminded it’s not the fastest thing in the world by a modern BMW which chased me through the lanes one day but that has made my mind up to fit a Seb chip / boost controller for a bit more ooomph. It’s never going to be a ‘giant killer’ but I’ve got my MR2 for that.
I am really enjoying it.