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putting amp in rear quarter

  Clio 1.6 16v 2003

im just think of making a frame for my amp so it can go in the rear quarter, just a bit worried it may get to hot.

will it be ok, it a octane r phoenix gold btw

thanks in advance
  Polo + Micra

im going to put an amp under a false floor i think it should be ok

is any part of it showing??? if the heatsink is it will be fine

as above, if the heatsink is free to the air, wont be a problem, if its not, youve got to fnid some way of getting a decent level of ventilation in there

Im also wondering where to put my amps....Damn you fabric rear seat backs!

How have other people done it in their Clios? Or where else have you put your amps?

under one of the front seats ? this is where im possibly going to fit mine when i strip the rear seats out and fit my buckets
  Clio 1.6 16v 2003

the amp is pretty small tbh, might be able to relocate under the passenger seat

it would be toatally covered if in the panel so zero ventilation so could be a problem
  E87 118i

I have an amp under the passanger seat, fits in pefectly, (2ch), keeps things neat and tidy. 4ch amp wont go in tho, I would have bought a 4ch if it cuold have fitted, but anyways.
  Polo + Micra

Quote: Originally posted by bass_junky on 23 February 2005
i have a big amp and its mounted to my rear seats(in the boot)..all i did was drilled holes and screwed the amp down :)

yes but the mk2 seats are just like cloth at the back not like the metal ones in the mk1