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was just wondering,

My clio cup comes on Monday, and Renault have offered to spray it with some stuff to protect the paint for 270 squid! Did you do it, and is it worth it?!?!

Never heard of that!!! Perhaps they will give you one of those nice leather things to go on the front to protect from stone chips!
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Yeah i agree, dont do it! Know Renault they will only spray it with stones and give it that pebbles dashed look!
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loads of people on here seem to have got that thrown in for free, so i wouldnt pay for it, tell em every other person you know with a cup got that for free


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Danny Boy

Save your money, you can buy some wax and do it yourself. If you clean it regularly, you can keep your eye on any stone chips, which can then be immediately touched up.

Surely taking good care of your car, cleaning it and giving it loads of TLC is part of the pleasure of owning a nice car. :cool:

Even after you have paid your money how can you tell its even been done? Could you tell the difference really? Heard a number of stories where this is the case. Save your money, think of the cleaning products you could by for £270.!!