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Quel Alarm

After careful consideration ive decided not to go for any performance mods for the Cup yet as dont really want to fubar the warranty. what I have decided on is to get a state of the art alarm. What are peoples thoughts on the best one out there?

Did quite fancy one that talks as would give me someone to talk too...

firstly, why would you want an alarm.. imho they are a complete waste of dosh.

(there is nothing in side the cup to nick lol, its all been removed )

Seriously though.. the RAID system fitted as standard will stop the car being nicked, not the alarm..


Curses....seems this money is set to burn a hole in my pocket! No Mods and no Alarm

Still ho-hum, off to Soho I go with it all then!
  Ford Fiesta

"RAID" stands for Renault Anti Intruder Device" it stops people hijacking your car at traffic lights etc by locking all your doors above 5KPH.
The cup comes with the same security as the normal 172, a cat 1 system, alarm and immobiliser. You can add a disklok to ensure top notch security if you like...
think of the extra weight if you added another siren to your cup!!