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Question about Amps

  308, Fusion

I already have a amp, sub n 6x9 runnin in my car, n i can get another sub, same size n watt, but im wondering wat kinda amp would i need for it 2 run 2subs and 6x9s?
  2005 Impreza WRX STI

a 4 channel amp

sounds like yours may be (or a 3) have u got spare speaker outputs? one + and one -?
  Polo + Micra

yeah sounds like you have already got a 4 channel amp

maybe use that for the subs and buy a little 2 channel for the 6x9s
  Hondata'd EP3 Type R

depends on the impedence of the subwoofers.

Personally i would get a monoblock amp to power both subwoofers (id guess your subs are 4 ohm SVCs so 2 subs into this mono block would show an impedence load of 2ohm) Look for the RMS figure of your sub woofers (max power wattage ratings are b****cks!!) and tehn look for an amp that puts out just below the combined RMS valeus of the subs, so if yuor subs are 250wrms each, get a 500wrms monoblock, and this sill send 250wrms to each. this is providing your subs are 4 ohm SVC. what subs are they?

As for the 6x9s remove them from your car, and put them in the bin, then amp your front speakers, either get a 2 channel or a 4 channel and bridge it o send more power to the fronts.

or like said above you can get a 4 channel amp, run the subs off channels 3 & 4 and low pass them, and run the 6x9s (if you must!) offchannels 1 & 2 high passed.