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Quick detailer need buffing?

  F56 MINI Cooper S
Just bought some Auto Finesse Finale detailer which arrived today, which is a quick detailer. Put some on my front bumper this evening and it basically disappeared before I even wiped it off. Does it need buffing off, or do I just apply it and leave it? I also put more on to make sure there was enough on, and it did the same.

Cheers - Jordi.
  Golf GT & A4 Avant
it does need buffing off, and you don't need to use much. Did you use it on a warm panel or in the sunlight as it was quite warm here and likely to evaporate.

Try spraying it once or twice onto a MF cloth, wipe down the panel, then use 2nd MF or fold it onto a clean side and buff it off. just a wipe down is enough.
  F56 MINI Cooper S
done a fair few sprays. Only done my front bumper as I wanted to try it out but didnt have time to do my whole car. Its a light mist, almost water. Also, I use it once my car is fully dry? So i wash, dry, then a quick layer of QD?
  Golf GT & A4 Avant
It can be used on a wet car to aid drying as it will cause water to bead off, making it easier to dry and will add a.little gloss, but I found that if not regularly washed it will cause drying towels to start not drying quite so well. Otherwise dry normally and use just as a QD after to add gloss