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Quick & Easy Strut Removal Question...

  BMW M3
Got stuck ealier today putting my sportlines on. Have done the back and removed wheels and strut top mount nuts on the fronts, but cant budge the 2 21mm bolts at the bottom of the strut. Got the nuts off but the bolt only comes out half way and stops. Wasnt doing this at home so it all had to go back on lol

Are these meant to come out and if yes, what force is nessessary as many whacks with a hammer doesnt do it.


Tomorrow will be day three in the process of changing springs lol
bigger hammer.
I'd go lube them up or if all else doesn't work heat the hub up a bit.

You shouldn't need much force get someone to lean on the hube and pull it downwanrds and the bolts should come out easy.
  Burgandy 174 sport t
use the bar off ur trolley jack to pull the anti roll bar down and chap the bolts out, although if u have a s**t jack it will bend the bar!!