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Quick Tyre Question

  Clio 172 Phase 1
I will be getting new tyres for the clio soon, and i'm wanting to know if there is much difference in speed if I got 45 profile rather than 50, as I don't want my speedo to be too far out! Wheels are standard F1's.

I have done a quick search but I'm at work at the moment ;)

cheers for any info
  Clio 172 Phase 1
Just for looks mate tbh, but 50s are a tenner cheaper a tyre so think i'll stick with 50s by what you guys are saying :)
  Maybe a 172 Cup..
My c*** wouldn't look any different for the sake of 5mm mate, so won't even notice it on some F1's;)

As already said, stick to the 50's, mucho cheapness..
Got nothing to do with 5mm, it's percentage profile to it''ll be 5% of 185/ a smidge under 10mm; multiplied by 2 for the overall a 19mm difference overall.

Yep, i'll stay quiet again now.