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Quickest 16v/Willy Setup

ok guys, need to get some idea of the speeds (1/4 mile) power (bhp of various setups on these cars

im looking at various ways of getting more power from my valver, modded head from HP is one, then there is the 2L conversion from HP, then get a 2L bottom end with modded 1.8 head, then a Willy engine instead, then a Willy engine with its head modded. when i say modded head i mean the stage 2 kit from HP

what order would you put these in, i presume nothing would beat a willy with stage 2 but what would a 2l bottom end with 1.8 stage 2 be like in comparision ? has anyone got a willy stage 2 conversion, anyone got any opinions on the output of these ? etc ....

also, has anyone got any power figures for any of the above / or 1/4 mile times for any of the above, if anyone can post times / bhp stating with what mods AND with what wheels just to make sure id appreciate it

thinking of spending a far bit of cash on the car, but need to know the benefits of each one, and unfortuantely a turbo conversion it outta my price range :(
  mk2 172

i know when mine was standard it was faster than a stage two non-hillpower one. he he he.

and a 172 come to think of it

now its a bit quicker than before

they do vary a bit, there are good uns and there is a real flyer now and again,

obviously if you can get one go for the williams but it isnt that difficult to take a 16v head to williams spec and beyond for not stupid money,

a realisitc spec that would be possibel to source ad not mega mega money would be 2ltr bottom end and 16v head with 32 or possibly 35mm inlets, uprated valve springs hotter cams (285s?) and solid lifters if needed, along with porting and polising inlet and exhaust sides, a suitable re-map and you should see nice useable and reliable for £2-2.5k,

not cheap this tuning!
  mk2 172

so the moral of the story is, 2.0 bottom end with hillpower stage one chip which is the dogs nads.

so basically the easiest route is a 1.8 head, 2l bottom end on a stage 2, but a true willy lump and head stage 2with the same tuning will be quicker all round, just i thought someone said that a 2l bottom end and 1.8 head made more power than a willy stage 2 ? cant remember where thou and it doesnt make much sense to me tbh

heh, ok mat, what have u had done ? 1.8 stage2 on a 2l bottom end, ran that on 15"s i presume then ?

cse give me a ring and I will explain the differences and which would be your best route for a given buget as there a few options open to you .Also got an idea to run by you.
  williams and trophy

or jus get me to drive it lol thatll take a few tenths off ur 1/4 time

but as a starting point a standard valver CAN do the 1/4 in 15.9 secs

a standard willy CAN do it in bout 15.3 or less lol

(standard being with cats on and all standard zorst n filters etc.)

so any "modded" cars should be quiker than that


  mk2 172

lol, they can cant they jon, change the filter and cat and wallah 14.800, so everyone if you cant get 15.3 you cant drive lol
  Clio 172 cup

Jon mate- got any tricks up ya sleeve ready for next year at York? I hear youre thinking of getting it tweaked up a bit. think Im gunna take mine to Hillpower at easter for a quick once over and a session on the rollers

Its gunna be a long winter!

  williams and trophy

yeah i thinkin of some mods mate. but i think its gunna b summer at the earliest that i can afford em unfortunately

n u is gunna b a long winter lol

craggy well said mate

he he
  BMW 320d Sport

So anyway Jon, have you got a definite plan for your winter project yet mate? I wanna know what youve got up your sleeve.