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R 19 leather in mark 1 clio

hi will the leathers from a Renault 19 fit into my mark 1 clio.
will the clio subframes suit the r 19 leathers or will i need the r19 subframes.

please help !!!!

Ive een them fitted in a clio before so I assume so. A lot of the interiors in R19s and older clios are very similar.
  1.8 RSi MK1 Superchipped

right looked, but you need a member number and password to access it file and Ive been wanting to be a member for a while now but aint been able to etc.... can anyone help?

u tried to fit these yet? i can get them for £30 but dunno wether to bother if its gonna take ages and lots of work.
  1.8 RSi MK1 Superchipped

dont supose a member could get teh info and e-mail it to me? bit cheeky I know, but my mate is only gonna hold on to the R19 interior for a lil bit before getting rid!

please help folks!
  182 and 5 GTT

What ph clio u got? I think the RT subframes are the same as the r19. I had the guide and didnt help me one bit. Ph3 need welded plates to bolt the seats to the clio subframes. And the rears dont fit at all. R19 have split rear seats where ph3 are 1 piece. the backs need retrimming really to look good
  182 and 5 GTT

Well worth the hastle! should go in, if not make em fit! If they dont, u could always sell. People are after leater all the time

just finished puttin my r19 leather in my clio phase 2 rt! looks gd!!!bolted the fronts straight in and the backs we used the clio metal frames and attached the leather form the r 19 to it, needs sum moddin but not hard...well worth it