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R26R Black - Twells to Crowborough

Was on megane but just wandered if was on here too. Number plate ended in FRS i think.

Car sounded and looked fantastic (was in starlet behind)
  Nimbus 197
their is 3 that go around here.. only one R thoo.. but i see him everyday at about 5-40.. lol... also Gman has a Black R26...and their is a red one that lives in crow sumwher and have also seen another black one in t wells x
this was defo an R26R you should have heard it, mental rollcage and buckets seats options too. Bloke driving drove it like it should be driven too which made me very happy!!
  Nimbus 197
was he a big guy with black hair.. sounds like the guy i see everyday going to work at 5-40pm lol
  Mt10 Zx6r golf tdi
The Guy who owns the R26R use to own the mk2 black Clio V6 on black wheels, i believe he does get on here from time to time, his doesn't have decals on (an IMO looks better for it)
There is also a LY R26 thats get around T-wells