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R888 Set up Info

  Golf GTD Mk7
The R888 tyre is fully cured and therefore does not require heat cycling but it is recommended that the tyres are scrubbed to remove any mould release chemicals.
Toyo recommend that the tread temperatures are raised gradually over a few laps to avoid graining.
The optimal tread temperature for the R888 is 71-105°C and the differential between the outside and inside shoulders should never differ by more than 15°C.

Interpreting Tread Temperatures Cause

Inside shoulder hottest by more than 15°C = Too much negative camber
Centre section hottest = Tyre pressures too high
Outside shoulder hottest by more than 15°C = Not enough negative camber
Both shoulders hotter then centre = Tyre pressure too low


Vehicle Weight
Cold PressureHot Pressure

Very Light - Under 800kg = 17-22 psi COLD, 22-29 psi HOT
Light 800-1000kg = 20-26 psi COLD, 24-32psi HOT
Heavy 1000-1400kg = 23-27 psi COLD, 28-40 psi HOT
Very Heavy over 1400kg = 27-35 psi COLD, 37-40 psi HOT


AdjustmentTo Reduce Mid Corner UndersteerTo Reduce Mid Corner OversteerAir PressureFront TyreDecreaseIncreaseRear TyreIncreaseDecreaseTyresFront WidthIncreaseDecreaseRear WidthDecreaseIncreaseWheelsFront WidthWiderNarrowerRear WidthNarrowerWiderAlignmentFront CamberMore NegativeLess NegativeRear CamberLess NegativeMore NegativeAnti Roll BarsFrontSoftenStiffenRearStiffenSoften

I found this on will looking at tyres. Might be useful info to a most track day folks. Sticky maybe ?
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  So many but not mine
Without being too critical, and i suppose the car's setup has to start somewhere.
The table is very simply correct, by that i mean very simply. That could be where the problems arise in trying to achieve a set up change that doesnt just confuse.

The tyre temperature across the treads can and does go miles out, without the setup being wrong. By wrong i mean being able to acheive the quickest lap after say5-10 laps at ten-tenths pace.
This is more true with front wheel drive than rear drive.
The inside shoulder will always be hotter because of the negative camber, whether the camber is negative 2 or 5 degrees.
What if the front alignment is too far out one way or the other, this will also heat the tyre one side more than the other.
And that is only the start of it!
regards mark