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RA 2

Just about to order a RA2, is the best place to get one from?, i know i need the 5m arial extension but where abouts and wich side of the parcel shelf have you guys put it? also will cables run out of sight in anyway without removing dash?


Blackspot is an expensive place to buy them from @ £399£349 @ Halfords

Im sure I have seen em for less, I got mine from Ebay for £320 and have had it since Feb with no issues.

Blackspot is the place to get the 5m cable from though, just make sure you stress to them you need a 5m cable casue I have ordered 2 and both times I rang them up tp comfirm 5m and the sent me 3m ones. They sent me the 5m straight after... but its just hassle.

I have placed my antenna on the right of the parcel shelf, I have pushed the cable down the back of the dash and pushed it down the sides, hidden the wires quite well all without moving the dash.
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Easy to fit antenna, then just run wire along side of car under carpet.

I have now also just hard wired mine from the cig lighter, so no loose wires.