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Raced a pug quick silver last night!!!

  Clio 1.8 16v

i had a 4 people in mine and it was just him in his.we pulled up at some lights and he was behind me the lights went green then we both flew off!but i was only leaving him a little bit till i hit about 60 then i started to leave him but 1 thing flew past a copper at 110 in a 40 oops but he just flashed me because he new he could not catch up!!what engine is in them things coz they are quite quick?
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Engine Size 1360cc
Maximum Power 75 BHP at 5500 RPM
Maximum Torque 90 lb/ft at 2800 RPM
Max Speed (mph) 107
Acceleration 0-62 mph (secs) 12.2

From the Peugeot website.
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Unless it was a 106 in which case:
Engine Size 1360cc
Maximum Power 75 BHP at 5500 RPM
Maximum Torque 90 lb/ft at 3400 RPM

Max Speed (mph) 109
Acceleration 0-62 mph (secs) 12.8
  clio 20v

quicksilver 106 is well slow i was goin to get 1 cos i thought they had same engine as 106 xsi wiv 100 bhp but i drove 1 and they have defo not i think there about 75 bhp and does 60 in 12 secs u should have caned it

your all wrong!!!!
My lass has got one there quite nippy and one of the best handling cars ive drove. They easily do 120mph and we timed the 0-60 at 9.8secs. but i kill her in mine!!

  clio 20v

agree there handling was spot on my mates got a 106 gti an its great but the quicksilver lacked the speed and just didnt feel at all fast

you got fat mates or your valver is seriously under power and you was not driving it right. what a joke there is no way they can keep up with a valver,its just not possible.

  CTR EK9 turbo

Slowsilver i think you guys mean. They handle well, but thats it - probably handle well because they dont have enough power to understeer! I drove one a lot at work last summer and they are totally guttless. 1.4 injection boat. A friend has a 206 1.4 and its even slower! another friend has the same engine in a 205 rallye 1360 cc tu series and its quicker (lighter) but runs off a carb as opposed to injection. Quick(slow)silvers are slow. That is unless he put a 106 gti engine in it or something?

There must be something REALLY wrong with wkdlads Valver if it has troubl;e losing a Quicksilver. 75bhp 1.4 verus 137bhp 1.8 DOHC twin cam 16v??? WHAT??
  Clio 1.8 16v

no i have a 1.816v Mreg with 59000 on the clock>think it was coz my engine bay was HOT n the induction kit was suckin hot air in + like i said i had 3 mates in.he only just got in his so it would of been cool and it did looked modded oh and it was my 1st time out in it too

The quicksilver was made in a 106 and 206 the 206 is not so well known not sure why,( details curtesy of my girlfriend who works at peuguot customer services ) we have a 106 quicksilver and for a car that is ONLY a 1.4 and single cam / 8 valve it is very nippy and J Clarkson rated the 106 as the " 2nd best handling car in the world" a couple of years back its cheap too!!

my mates got a quicksilve (106) and to be honest it aint a whole lot quicker than my 1.2!! Hes got it lowered and an induction kit and mine is standard.

Think its a bit quicker of the line cos its got more torque but has the same BHP apparently at 75 (dunno where Renault gets that from!). Mine doesnt feel as quick cos its quieter
  FOR SALE - Mk1 V6

i raced a 16v and GTI-R with my 1.4RT
both the other cars had 4 people in and i was on my own and its nice to see the weight makes such a difference. The GTI-R won about 2 cars up on the 16v and the 16v was about 1 car up on me.