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Radar Detectors

  Subaru WRX


Does anybody use one?

If so which one and are they any good / worth the money?

Currently considering a Snooper, just after a few opinions from users before I buy one. Do need to invest in something as I am picking up points quicker than West Ham United at the moment !! :eek:

Think I may have got another three last night !!! :(

Cheers Mark.
  Silver Fabia vRS

Do a search as this question has cropped up so many times before. As a recommendation I use the Bel Euro 550 which is very good and a few people use it on here.

I have a snooper 850. I have to be honest and say I am not that impressed. Even in city mode it goes off at almost every set of traffic lights and every time you pass a supermarket! And the warning for gatsos is almost negligable.
  Subaru WRX

Top website, some cunning ideas to tryand get away with being issued with more points, may well use one of them if anything comes of last night !!

Cheers Mark :D
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

i had a valentine 1. was very expensive but it was v good. Pointless now though cos most of the new ones dont even use radar. Godesy is your best bet but not forgetting they wont protect you from a hiding copper.
  Skoda Fabia vRS

ive got an S5-R

used to have an 815iS, which, when in city mode NEVER went off for any traffic lights or automatic doors as other people seem to get, out of city mode yes it did, but not when in city mode

wish i had a City mode on my new S5-R, the thing goes off for everythin, though, it does seem to detect from far away, it can pick up K-band from about 400m away, from a shop door

not sure on Gatso yet not been past one, id get the Bel if you can afford it, somehow they dont seem to go off for non gatso things

The valentine is not very good at all in the 172 - i doubt any windscreen detector will be - the windscreen stops it working

The origin blue is supposed to be good



  Audi TT Stronic

there is a patch in the windscreen to put the radar detector behind, its in the middle at the bottom of the windscreen.

Yes - but the trouble is that the windscreen wipers block the full signal. I have been virtually on the trap when it has gone off - dont trust it at all