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Radiator Fan/Overheating

  Renault Clio

I did some searching on this forum, however there was nothing specific for what I want to know.

I have a 57 plate Renault Clio, "facelift model" (or something).

I was stuck in traffic and the temperature indicators were full and the STOP sign appeared on the dash. I pulled over and noticed the radiator fan wasn't running. I have driven it since (not been stuck in hot traffic) and its fine, making me believe the thermostat is fine and the radiator fan is the issue.

I looked around on the internet and it seems (as always with my clio), its an electrical fault; either being the radiator fan switch OR the relay.

I spoke to a Renault mechanic and he told me to post something on here asking for advice or a specific wiring diagram, so I can source the switch and relay.

I hope someone can help!

THANKS, Will :eek: