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Radiator Fan

The bearings on mine have justed seized up this morning and now it wont move at all.

Where can I get another

Also, how much of a b!tch is it to fit? There doesnt seem much room to play with down there!

Think BBperformancetuning do a replacement although I dont remember it being particularily cheap, try a scrappies, a 19 16v would be easier to find but not sure if it would fit.

North Wales

I was thinking about getting a cheap one from a scrap yard, but if its going to be a b!tch of a job to fit, Id prefer putting in a new one than just having to do it again if one from a scrappie dies too.

oh ok im down te scrapy tomorow getting some bits for my g/fs you want me to have a look for you?

you would have to pay postage ..oviously!

it is east enough once you have removed the rad, it just sits behind a pipe, if you want to know how i did mine pm me, i will go through it blow by blow;)

Its ok mate, I havent even looked round the scrappies here yet!

Does anyone know which clios/renaults used the same cooling fan as in the valver?

It looks pretty small and pathetic so Im guessing it might not be 1.8/2.0 specific?

Was just wondering if it was possible to do it without taking the rad off, so thats just answered my question!

Cheers Rajk