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Radio code.

Hi ive just put my original renault radio back into my car and its asking for a code! Could anyone help me out so i dont have to pay for a code?

The Radio is a Renault/Philips dont know the model buts the car is a P reg if thats any help.

Serial number: RN679FP1168088.

Thanks in advance.

on the radio there is a bar code - underneath that barcode is a long serial number. I need the last 4 digits of that serial number - it will end with a letter then 3 numbers following ie 65465 K456

Can find the no. your on about sorry. All there is a barcode with two lines of numbers as follows;



hope this helps!

okay well thaks anyway.

Can anyone else help, i rang a shop that does unlocks and they said it can be done just off the serial no. but they wanted £10 to unlock it over the phone!

you sure theres not the numbers j3ned is on about, should deff be on there somewhere

list all numbers you can see on it, otherwise you will prob end up having to pay

On the top of the radio there is a sticker printed like this;

PHILIPS 22 DC 679/62B

77 22 818 279

9022 216 79624.


FD 01 93 12 1168088

This is the only other sticker on the radio.

Hi guys as it stands i still need a code for this Radio, thanks to all for their help so far, but was just wondering if anyone else had any advice?

P.S. I dont really want to give my chasis number!
  clio mk1 ph1

I CAN GET IT 4 U MATE.. ill pm it u tomorrow.ill get it from work

i need ur part number and serial number get back asap

Might just buy a new radio!

Then again its been SO long since ive had one ive got quite used to singing songs out loud to myself in the car!