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  1. R

    Fuel pump doesn’t prime

    Hi all, another post on here, damn this car is so frustrating So today I found out the fuel pump doesn’t prime, but the cables have continuity, I’ve traced the green power cable to The main relay box, and the black negative to the earth in the boot, but there is still no clock, and the radio...
  2. F

    no speedometer light, dash lights, temperature control lights, radio lights.

    hey guys, so as the title says i've got none of the following lights working in my Clio II 1.2 from 2004 (left hand drive), when i got the car the lights for the temp control didnt work, so i changed them. a couple days later i run the wires for the sub, all connected just needed a headunit, i...
  3. N

    Rear Speakers Renault Clio 2 2001

    Hello, I have a Renault Clio 2 2001. It has 2 5.25 speakers in each door and 2 tweeters on each side of the dashboard. It is a 3 door version. I want to replace the front factory speakers and put 2 speakers on the back seats. It has the factory radio. I have changed successfully the speakers...
  4. C

    Mk3 Clio radio and clock not working.

    Radio has suddenly stopped working. And the clock on the dash isn’t working only light which comes in is the seatbelt light. I have checked all fuses even changed the 15amp radio fuse. Absolutely nothing, I recently changed the interior light to a brighter one so not sure if that has anything to...
  5. M

    Upgrade stock Radio to OEM navigation

    Hello, i've been wanting to upgrade my renault clio 3 mk1 from 2007 radio to an newer navi version from 2009. I've looked at some wiring diagrams and some of them don't match up. Does anyone know about an earlier project or a wiring harness? If I manage to finish my project I'll surely update...
  6. Z

    Steering wheel controls

    Hi all, I've got an aftermarket radio in and was wondering if anyone knows of any products to get the steering wheel controls to work with it? (just nicer instead of taking eyes off road.) The easier to install the better. Cheers
  7. T

    Renault Clio 2 Radio help

    Hi, ive only had my clio for a few weeks at this point and have an aftermarket radio id like to put into it, however im kind of stuck since i dont know what adapters to get, could someone help me out and link me what i need? the radio is a sony dsx-a510bd and my car is a 2005 clio 2 thanks
  8. Jordanuk

    Clio S mk3 facelift radio adapter for kenwood head unit

    Just bought a kenwood head unit as I’m looking at getting a sub and new door speakers, however I can’t find a radio harness that keeps steering controls and the top screen interface. Found one that does keep the steering controls but it was from Halfords and way expensive. Anyone know of...
  9. B

    R-Link Bluetooth Connectivity Issues

    Hi Guys, I'm having Bluetooth connectivity issues in my 15 plate 200T. When I picked up the car earlier in the week, the Bluetooth connected all fine and worked perfectly. I got in the car yesterday and this all seems to have gone out the window! The phone appears to be being picked up by...
  10. NoisyBoys

    No Power to Clock and Radio following replacement

    Hi So was replacing factory radio unit with a Pioneer unit, everything was working fine before I slide the unit back into place. Put it in and now it’s not getting any power and neither is the display. I’ve checked the fuses in the bonnet and all the 15s and 20s in the under steering unit...
  11. MrBlonde

    Internet & DAB Dance Stations

    can anyone recommend any dance radio stations please thats on the internet/DAB please?.just stuff for work nothing to heavy,thanks.
  12. M

    After market radio connectors

    Hi guys, getting a Clio 197 soon and just sorting all the wee bits before hand. I'm looking to get an aftermarket radio but having trouble finding connection leads for it- can anyone point me in the right direction? The Clio I'm getting has the radio controls on the steering wheel too. Cheers!
  13. T

    Replacing a 2003 Clio's clock/radio display with something custom

    Hi everyone, First of all, I'm new to the forums so I don't know if this is the place I need to be, so forgive me if I'm in the wrong place. Now for a little bit of backstory. I'm currently driving a 2003 Renault Clio II Dynamique as my first car (I own it for 5 months now I think). Everything...
  14. S

    Radio turns on right away?

    I have a Renault Clio III Dci 1.5 2011. We have recently had it serviced along with a oil leak from behind the engine fixed. However, whenever we unlock the car, the radio/sat nav screen turns straight on without even opening the door! We also cannot turn the radio/sat nav off when in the car...
  15. ThatKidSmokey

    197 cabasse aux input help!

    So I have purchased a iPod cable to put in the amp (under the drivers seat) hooked it all up and nothing is happening. Spoken to the supplier and he hasn't got a clue "never known it to not work" Seen some 10 year old posts but just wondered if anyone has had any look recently.
  16. H

    Finding rear speaker wire in MK2 Clio?

    I was looking the other day at the possibility of adding rear speakers to my 2006 MK2 Renault Clio Campus Sport due the mounting holes already being there for the speakers, just no connector. After looking online, apparently, if there are eights wires in the connector on the back of the radio...
  17. ashyawdip

    Radio code please ?

    Could anybody help me out coding this please ?
  18. M

    Removal of radio

    Hi, I know this has been asked loads of times before but the answers don't seem to apply to my radio. I have a 197 (56 plate) with a 6 CD changer behind the radio. All the other posts say there should be two slots either side of the radio for the tools (coathangers) to go in, but all I have are...
  19. Jordan pooley

    Clio radio problem?

    Hi everyone, I just purchased a 2003 Clio and every time I turn the ignition on I have to enter the radio code. So if I enter the code the radio will work fine but if I turn the ignition off it will ask me to enter the radio code again. The garage said the woman had fitted an aftermarket head...
  20. D

    Clio Mk2 Ph2 Clock not working.

    Hi there, im new to posting on this, i have a 1.2 16v extreme, paid £400 and constantly keep finding issues. after thinking of getting rid of it i thought of becoming a bit of a clio fan! anyway.. on my car there is a new aftermarker stereo in place but all works correctly and never fails. the...
  21. Leonardo

    Radio connectors

    After much ado I replaced my flaky paint heater. To do this I removed my radio but now have sound form only the passenger side speakers. Does anyone know which wire/connector needs looking at to fix this? Thanks.
  22. W

    Radio code

    could any body help get the radio code please on a standard 197 CD player p957 security code
  23. DomP182

    Radio spare plug

    While trying to get my useless connects2 to work yesterday I discovered a spare plug tapped up in the space below the radio. It's not the cd autochanger one it's just a two wire plug. Anyone know what it's for?
  24. Vuky

    Renault radio - will it fit

    Hi, will this radio work fine with joystick behind wheel and center display? It's a Philips, I guess standard back then on better equipped Lagunas, but I'm considering installing it in '02 ph2.
  25. K

    Update list HU keeps searching for radio channel

    I've just bought a 182 and I'm loving it! Only thing that's really annoying me is how the HU keeps searching for a station when it's already playing one. Is there any way to turn this function off? Thanks, Kieran.
  26. Impuzzable

    Which Radio Unit?

    My 2002 Clio 172, has an aftermarket replacement radio/Cd. The CD player is not working and it does not work from the steering wheel controls so I've always wanted to replace it with an original Renault unit. Been looking for one but I need to know (apparently) if my original unit has "tuner...
  27. E

    Keep blowing the radio fuse?

    The last couple of times I've plugged my tyre pump into the cig. lighter I've blown the blue 15 fuse? Any ideas? It's not a major problem I just pop another fuse in but why does it happen?
  28. S

    Radio code

    hi just wondering if anyone could help me get my radio code,tried the one in the book and it comes up with error.... So I'm thinking someone has replaced the stereo over time?
  29. R

    Hate to do this.... Radio code

    Hi all, I've not been very active on here, however have found it very useful and informative, so thanks for that. However I have to become one of those people.... Can anyone help me with a radio code? I know there's a thread somewhere as every thread says refer to the guide section, but my...
  30. S

    Race radios ... What are people using ??

    I'm in the situation that I'm looking for pit to car radios for race day. Race car specific setups are very expensive so in sure someone here must have cobbled together a cheaper option ... What have you got ?? I've looked at basic two way radios, licence free and peltor headsets / rally helmet...