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Radio Problem

  Audi S3

Hey guys got a problem with my radio in the car wonder if any of you got any idea what could be causeing it?

Right the problem is that when i try to tune a station with the auto tune it fails to pick up any station up.
if i tune it manually it can pick up some stations up but as i drive along it goes in and out of tune really easy.

its not the head unit as ive changed that and it still doesnt work.
as far as i know there is no signal booster or what ever in my car so cant be that.
as a final note i installed a new sub in the car just before it stopped working but cant see how this would affect anything.

So any ideas?

The cars a 16v if your wondering.
  silver valver/hybrid

has the arial plug come loose or damaged? could also be where the lead bolts to the roof to the arial, may have come loose there.