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Radio trouble

I was driving from work just earlier with my CD-changer on when all of a sudden the player stopped and the head unit went off. I stopped the car and pushed the on-button but nothing happens and I can´t listen to the radio or anything. I checked the fuse and its ok and I can take the CD out of the player and the changer but can´t listen to anything.

Has anyone here had any problems with their head unit in their Clio or is this just the french car syndrom.

B.t.w. I drive a 172 mk2


I managed to fix it by removing the unit and pressing on the plugs. They must have loosened some plugs when I had my radar detector hard wired to the radio.

i had that trouble jus make sure the wires are tucked in the back nicely and not cramped up otherwise the connects come out!

the head unit on mine wont read CDs properly, skips tracks 3,4 & 11 normally no matter what CD is in there. Kinda annoying really, but at least its still under warranty.

Damn, its done it again. Everytime I drive into a hole or something it fails. I removed the unit yesterday and tucked in the wires but it didnt work so I tapped on the box and it worked...maybe its posessed...