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Rally Finland Pics + Vids

had an absolutely awesome time, rally was fantastic, as was the surrounding countryside + towns/cities - met some top people along the way aswell. :)

weather was poo on friday, but rest of the weekend was lovely weather

saw the northern lights which was unreal! :D

all in all, finland rules - definately going back again in the near future and would definately recommend it to anyone :thumb:

took loads of pics, small selection

16/08/2006 pics

17/08/2006 pics

18/08/2006 pics

19/08/2006 pics

20/08/2006 pics

21/08/2006 pics


northern lights vid >>

cheers :cool:

Nice that you had great time here in Finland, I live in Helsinki :)

Stunning rally pics you have there! What camera + lens?

You had great luck with those northern lights, its pretty rare thing to happen...
  850 T5. mmmm Turbo!
looks like an amazing setting for rallying.
would love to watch this.

nice pics even though they all have your name across them, do you intend to sell them?