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Ram Ddr

  Tesla MP3 2021
ive recently put in another stick of DDR RAM (1gb) and it doesnt actually show it in the system details its still on 1.5gb. does xp only show ram upto a certain figure.
  Monaro VXR
Pushed it in all the way? when you undo the clips at the side best way to make sure the stick is in properly is to keep pushing till they click back on there own.
  Dynamique S 138
maybe your mobo doesnt support that much ram or maybe different speeds or something
1st - what make is the ram and is it all the same
2nd - does your board support 4 sticks in total?
3rd - if your board does support 4 sticks, and you have just three in there, then i would suggest that it is a built in safety measure to the board which means that you can only use 1 slot, 2 slots or 4 slots - not 3.
  Tesla MP3 2021
the ram is inserted all the way.
the 3 sticks in total are of different make.
my board supports 6 184-pin DDR DIMM sockets

the board should auto detect the type and size automatically
i would suggest that it is the mix up in sticks then mate - most people would advise you that you only stick with the same make for all of your ram - micing it up often causes problems.
  Tesla MP3 2021
s**t i hope not.....
i did have a problem with the other 2 sticks that were un before i put the 3rd in. and the strange thing is, is that the pc does seem quicker and runs apps alot better:)