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Range Rover Ad

  1.2 Dynamique billabong
Was a bit bored with the ****e weather and all so came up with this



and also included a guide to show each new individual element added to the pic

  B/G 182 + PH1 Track
One thing, generally Land Rover tend to put there logos in the bottom right hand corner,
  Fiesta ST-3
Thats superb mate it really is. The only thing i think you should change is the tyre marks. Looks like one massive skid mark but im guessing thats mega hard. Ace attempt tho.
  1.2 Dynamique billabong
Thanks for the comments guys,

yeah the tyre mark is in sand so i think it looks right but maybe i just need adjust the opacity of it so its not quite as harsh.

cheers guys :)
  Oil Burner
Superb, prefer the original to the night version. But its certainly something that would be fit for a landrover ad.
  1.2 Dynamique billabong
I did a two week internship at Taylor James last week, they have one more person starting this week although he is much older (about 50) and not done much in the way of PS work. Once he has completed his two weeks they are reviewing the work done by all the interns (not sure just how many they have had recently) then 2 will be given jobs after xmas so fingers crossed i will be one of them. I did get to work on a live project for the new heineken advert so they must have thought i my work was at least half decent lol, its just a case of waiting and seeing. i am going to try and do as much personal work as possible in the meantime and keep in contact with them so they dont forget about me.

at the moment i have some freelance webdesign stuff to do

  1.2 Dynamique billabong
cheers mate, not that long to be honest. My time at Taylor James change my approached massively as at uni we could do chops anyway we want, where as i was taught how to structure it better and uses masks to ensure it was non destructive to the original image. Therefore as the masks are still in places its easier to ammend new elements
  LoW clio Sh*t...&..
Love all of it tbh Jim. Good work. Keep it up and i hope you get the place at Taylor James. ;)


  The Cleee-O
These are genuinely awesome mate! The first one has a huge amount of do the rest, lol. Look spot on professional. Thanks for the little segment guide too. Will see if I can do anything that looks remotely like that...I highly doubt it though. Ha. More of your work please! :D


Hi Kiss Luke E****
ClioSport Club Member
  E90 M3
Top marks again James. Not seen you about for ages!