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rattling from the front right??

there is a banging noise coming from the front of my car it only occours when going over bumpy surfaces, it sounds like plastic and i was woundering if anyone else has had a similar problem or any ideas thanks
nahh its not lowered,,,,, it sounds like plastic at the front, i cant dedscribe it really its just like two things are nocking together,,, just woundered if anyone else had a similar problem
have the same problem,and I managed that noise coming from the grill (where windscreen wiper mounted). Gonna disassemble it when it'll bit warmer.
Try to shake your car by hands and listen,to localise the sound
  BMW 430D & F56 JCW
Ok, my knowledge of all things mechanical is shocking so please excuse my description here but i had what sounds like a similar problem and was a stupidly simple fix.

Lift the bonnet up and check the metal plate directly infront of the engine/engine cover. I think its the fuel rail, or at least a cover for it (may be totally wrong) but noticed this was lose so tightened it. Can't hear the noise anymore so must have been the problem in my case so is worth a shot