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RB 182 2005


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  clio dynamique
Hi Everyone,

I picked up a 2005 RB 182 with both cup packs- a few weeks ago.

I had a 2003 clio 1.2 back in 2011 and really wanted to get a car I could have some fun with. This was my dream car back when I was 17.

I bought the car blind and it has done 120,000 miles but has a history folder the size of an Argos catalogue! I am only the 3rd owner.

The car was rough inside, the steering wheel, gear knob and aircon buttons were all a state. The drivers seatbelt was horrible!

I had the car checked over the day after I bought it and all was well, I just needed a new drive shaft but I knew this beforehand.

I have now sourced and fitted new interior parts (also got new matts which look great) and had the drive shaft sorted this weekend. Gave the plastics a bit of TLC today.

I can see from the history the belts were done in 2016 which was 25,000 miles ago. I guess they will be needing done but what do you guys think? Do you think I should do them this summer or can I enjoy the car as it is and get them done next year?

Some photos of progress so far.



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Looks like a nice car. Cam belt is every 5 years and aux belt is every 3 as far as I recall. I doubt many aux belts in use are under 3 years old and it's that snapping that usually kills the cam belt. At 5 years old I'd be doing them ASAP.
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I can see from the history the belts were done in 2016 which was 25,000 miles ago.
The cambelt kit should be changed every 5 years or 72000.
The auxiliary belt kit should be changed every 5 years or 36000.
Originally renault said to change the auxiliary belt kit at 72000 but many didnt make it that far hence the change to 36000.


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Aux belt is without doubt the biggest timing belt killer. My old car’s timing belt was 9 years old and wasn’t cracked (ex had the car for years before I got it back). The aux belt Was ready to pop and wipe out the engine.


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Yes. When I did the belts on mine the original crank pulley looked ropey too. I didn’t want to risk leaving it to fall apart after all the rest of the work so new one from pure motorsport held up the job.