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RB 182 on the M53 with flat tyre. Did my good deed for the day

  Clio 182
Yesterday by Ellesmere Port. Had a flat so as luck would have it i had just had my normal wheels put back on and had my winter wheels in the boot.
So went back and put one on his car for him.
Was not a member but will tell him to get on here.:D
  Clio 182
He gave me his number so text him today to see if he got home ok and he has said he will bring me it me back this week.
You just have to trust people some times.
I live 50 miles from him though so told him to drop it at my Mum & Dads thats just down the road from him.
  Clio 182
Got my wheel back today. :approve:
There are still good people in the world.
HaHa he did upset my Sis though by asking if she was my Mum.
  Clio 182
HaHa will try and keep my winter wheels in the boot and keep an eye out for you mate.
But if they are are you are very welcome to one. :)