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RB = Fit

Thought id give the 200 a quick clean, seeing as it hasnt been cleaned since it visited JimWD in December. Was just a basic, quick clean as I wanted to blast it out before Forest v Derby kicked off (YOOOUUU REEEDDDSSS)!

Process was:
- Clean wheels using Bilberry wheel cleaner and wheel brush
- Snow foam
- Rinse
- Wash using Duragloss 901 and wash mitt
- Dryed with drying towels.
You know the drill tbh.

Before (dirty bus):

DSC00619 by Harpham y0, on Flickr


DSC00620 by Harpham y0, on Flickr


DSC00621 by Harpham y0, on Flickr


DSC00622 by Harpham y0, on Flickr


DSC00623 by Harpham y0, on Flickr


DSC00624 by Harpham y0, on Flickr


DSC00625 by Harpham y0, on Flickr

Snow foam:

DSC00627 by Harpham y0, on Flickr


DSC00628 by Harpham y0, on Flickr

After <3 :

DSC00630 by Harpham y0, on Flickr


DSC00631 by Harpham y0, on Flickr


DSC00632 by Harpham y0, on Flickr


DSC00634 by Harpham y0, on Flickr

I love it when its clean!

Its going back to JimWD for a bit of work at the beginning of February, so it'll be looking beauts after that!!
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ClioSport Club Member
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Do you bring it to Newark for him to do?

Looks smart as fook mate, where you actually from in Notts?


ClioSport Club Member
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Ahh your Derby side then ;)

I have family spread all round Notts and I end up in s**tty Newark!

I have to talk to Jim when I get my wheels on, have fun at the game (b**tard).

Edit: Just realised your not there.
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ClioSport Admin
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You've every right to love it when it's clean, looks brilliant.

I might be tempted to clean mine now :)
  RB One Eight Two
RB is stunning, best colour by far. It still amazes me how nice it looks even after just a shampoo!
Thanks for the comments peeps. In reply to Kane. and davis88:
In December, it was took to Jim for a new car protection detail... But due to a couple of reasons, the job couldnt be done properly. Without going into too much detail, it is going back to him in a couple weeks to have a 2 day paint correction detail done, courtesy of Renault.


Looking good dude, drop mine off for a clean since you students don't do much! THANKS!!