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Read This Warning!!!

In the Nottingham Evening Post Yesterday 01/01/03 a story was run about new powers given to the police allowing them to seize!!! cars off Crusiers if they are deemed to be causing a disturbance, driving inconsideratly or racing. The release fee is up to £350. This is supposed to try and subdue the numbers of cars racing around the Broadmarsh Centre and meeting in a nearby retail park (this could affect clio meets if these powers are in force across the country.).



Dont think the Police will touch those Maxed Pd novas, I mean who would want to be seen drving one of those anyway.:p

My biggest worry is who decides what is and what is not Acceptable driving. I tend to go past the broadmarsh to get home late at night if i have been to my parents or sisters as it is the fastest way home. I am not a boy racer but i do have a modded motor. All it takes is a bored copper an i could be losing car.

This "new" law has been in operation in Avon & Somerset for a year and a half. Forty cars have been crushed so far. It was near impossible for me to organise meets in the West when I was rep for there.

Thats well out of order, though i presume the people concerned were hardly being innocent? Still taking it a bit too far!! The police, whatever they say, seem to be out for easy bookings rather than dealing with real crime.

I think the best thing to do to organise a meet/cruise is to write to the local force before, tell them what youll be doing and that youll try to get rid of any tw*ts. That way hopefully things will improve. I think legal cruises have improved so i dont think its much to worry, im not desperate to go to every single one anyway so personally im not bothered.