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Real HD


ClioSport Club Member
Are Sky or Virgin broadcasting 1080P yet?

Will the F1 Next year be in 1080 or 720? My current TV is only 720 ready but ill buy a new one if the F1 will be in 1080?
  Clio 200 Raider
its all output at 1080i, 1080p requires to much bandwidth. Your really not going to notice a difference between 1080i and 1080p on sat broadcast anyway. Would be a while before any1 starts pumping out 1080p!
f1 is in hd this year. if your tv is only 720 it wont make much difference it will just upscale/downscale the image. when your talking about broadcasts i wouldnt worry to much about the resolution its more how capable your hd tv is. Blu ray matters more about resolution and 1080p as quality will increase noticeably.

eg if you bought a top of the range tv a year back and it was only 720p it will probably look better anyway than a 1080p tv now thats dirt cheap. Dont worry to much about resolution too much for normal tv.