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really pissed!!

just had the car up to renault for its service ,, took it up ages ago on 12000 they said the 172 is not due 2 18000.. took it 2 another de aler they say the same , finally get to 18000 miles take it up this morning and they said it should have been 12000 , so its missed its first service which cant be any good for the car whats so ever so i immediatley booked it in on wednesday to get the 24000 tho 1 done. am bloody sick!! renault is a bloody farse!!!
  172 sport,

i posted about this the other day warning about this check that you still have a warrantie as renault only give you 1000 miles or 1 months grace to go over or they will refuse any claims under the warrantie so at 6000 over i think they may cancell it best to check mate , btw what renault dealer was it booked into