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rear disc and pad renewal

  R27 - 77/500
rite i had a look at my brakes yesterday, rears are looking sorry for them selves, so goona change the lot. however i was wondering how difficult the discs are to remove with them having the bearing in. do u just tw*t the old discs off n then nicely tap the new ones on or will i need a press?

all u need to do is take the wheel off and renove the calliper then remove the big nut in the middle and the in thoery the disk should full off but on my old one i had to take cut the disk off down to the wheel bearing and bashthe s**t out the bearing but u should not have that problem should be able to do both in about 30 mins
  RenaultSport clio 172 mk2
Thread hijack - sorry.

I need all 4 sets of pads changing. I want bog standard ones, what shall I go for? Are aftermarket pads cheaper than going to Renault?
  Ultra 197 ex 172 Cup
i had that problem on my clio cup, couldnt' get the rear discs off, so i ended up leaving them on, they not too bad, then i will smack them about then they are shot and buy new ones with the bearings,