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rear discs and handbrake ...

  Golf TDI
i changed all my pads on my car today and whilst doing this , realised that on the back discs they do not come away from the hub with any bolts ?! does this mean the whole hub has to be changed to change the rear discs ? also with the handbrake , does it lock both back wheels or just one ? as some cars its only one side it locks ? ....and finally after initialy fitting new pads for the first ten minutes , under braking i could smell my brakes lol is this normal ? them bedding in :eek:


ClioSport Club Member
Handbrake locks both rear wheels.

The hub nut holds the disc on. The bearing is pressed into the disc so when changing the disc it is advisable to get new bearings as well as getting them out of the disc often breaks them.

Renault sell them with bearings pressed in. I got mine from a motor factor and had them pressed in for 15 quid.
  BMW M135i
As said the bearings are pressed into the centre of the disc and fit onto the spigot hub which is part of the axle, hence the reason the cheapest you'll get a set of genuine discs (ie with abs rings and bearings in) is £130 or so but its a false economy to buy things seperate imo. Especially on the abs frontier.
  Dodgy one
Its normal to smell your brakes, Should give them 20-30 stops from 40-50mph to get them warmed up, You'l get green fade which is the resin in the pads curing. Its what you can smell and the brakes will become a lot sharper once youve got them to that point. Take them on a steady drive once done to let them cool down (Motorways Ideal) then they should be bedded in.