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rear drums

  Audi TT 3.2 V6
changed mine on 45k (5yrs near enuf) be carefull leaving them too long as one of mine the pad broke away from the shoe and caused a wheel to lock up...had to get me car towed home and when changing the other shoe i could pull the pad of with my hands...apparently its not just a renult thing...all pads are now glued to the shoes rather than riveted like they used to be....a cost thing (typical)
Shouldn't need to replace them for years, my brothers RT has about 100k on the clock and the original rear shoes are only about 20% worn.

Matt - they wont need replacing after 20k mate, more like 120k

*Edit* You should check em around every 36k, and while your at it give them a good clean with some brake cleaner, and check the lip on the drums. Also check the Wheel cylinders for leaks.
  Lots of Alfas
I think they should be inspected every 36k miles. I have had 2 Clios and they both have gone around the 50k mark causing the back wheels to lock up.
  E87 118i
thanks am on 104000kms....going in for a service next week....

had a look at previous control certificates:
at 90000km they said 30% worn
at 75000km they said 30% worn?
at 60000km they said 30% worn?
at 45000km they said 40% worn ?
at 30000km they said 40% worn ?
Renault say as part of every other service the read drums should be removed and cleaned/checked. The smaller 205 or something drums did suffer from the backing material on the drums crackign and coming away some of the bigger ones did as well.

They should last about 100k I drive my car very hard and they were 80% worn and more importantly cracked at 54k but I do track days and I'd been throught numerous sets of front pads. I didn't chnage them till about 60 and they were still fine though for another 15k or so.

Bit of a pain to fit though.
Edde do they come 'ready to fit' on PH2's or are were they just the shoes when you fitted yours?
  Clio Mk2 Ph1 1.2 8v
Bit of an old thread but thot may be nice to add some experience to anyone else searching but just like to say i have a mk2 ph1 8v 1.2 and brake shoes are fooked at 48k, 2000 plate too :( Pain in the arse havin to get towed home!