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Rear N/s wheel locking up

  Ph1 track 172
was driving today toward a zebra crossing, and as the car in front passed it i notice someone was standing there,

so put the brakes on, quite hard, (not emergency stop but quite hard)
and my rear nearside wheel locked up, very unexpectedly, is there anything that would cause this??

i braked intentionally hard at the lights to see if it did it again, and it did, but no again after that. ive had a problem with the drum in the past as the shoe collapsed and jammed the hub, but that was over a year ago and it was fixed by a garage.

now for the record (please dont flame me) but i did strip my car out recently
and it is VERY low at the rear, (ive heard theres a sensor that varies the braking due to the ride hight assuming theres alot of weight if its low)
and it was abit wet

but i think they slid faaaaar to easily, now if it is the sensor in the rear, is there any way to reset it??

have good healthy tyres on the car before anyone asks.
Mine does this a few times when the ABS sensors were unplugged, huge stop at 100mph, back end came round, scared my passenger :p lol! he wasn't expecting it! Your load sensing valve may be knackered or as you say, sensing the car has extra weight in the back due to lowering!
No, it still does the brake Bias, it may just be its sensing its low, think it has weight in the back so it puts more pressure on the rears!