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rear torsion bars

  MK1 18 RSI Clio
hi ya peeps im in the process of lowering my mk2 clio, ive been told i can lower my rear torsion bars is that the right thing to do and can anyone suply me with the pics or information to do this and what tools am i gonna need any info would be greatfull. is there gonna be any problems with anything wearing out faster. many meny thanks
  RS Meg 175
When i first got my Clio i was looking into lowering but seems people on here use front and back springs so im guessing torsion bar lowering is either funking useless, bad for the car or not possible lol
Mk2 clios don't have torsion bars, only Mk1's have torsion bars. If you want to lower the car you need to get lowering springs. Any sets for a Mk2 clio will come with 4 lowering springs so you have some for front and back.
  MK1 18 RSI Clio
oh right i didnt know mk 2 has no torsion bars lol doh thanks for thi info anyways looks like springs then.