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rears sat uneven

  Iceberg 172
i have seen other threads on uneven suspension but couldn't find the answer as it all got changed at the same time:(
I have had my coilovers for quite a while now (coming up a year ish) and the fronts are fine height wise as theyre adjustable. the rears (shocks and springs) sit uneven a little bit, maybe around 10mm lower on the dirvers side, which i can live with. this was with no adjusters on 70mm springs i think.

i have just tried some 100mm springs in and the difference is more exaggerated. it is more like an inch lower on the drivers side with these in. tyres are all the same profile, drive is flat, tank almost empty, springs are sat properly and all suspension changed at the same time. could it be anything to do with the axle bushing why these lower springs have exaggerated the difference?

any advice would be greatly appreciated :approve:
Not really worth bothering with corner weighting. It's a road car that spends maybe 0.000000001% of it's time at the limit of the tyres' grip & corner weighting would be immediately invalid as soon as you have a passenger, luggage or fuel.

If one bush was very very worn (or failed) compared to the other side then you might get a noticeable difference in ride height. Likewise a big difference in toe or camber (just due to poor manufacturing tolerances or if the car's had an impact with a kerb etc.) could make it appear as if ride height is different each side.

Are we talking about a reliable reference point (e.g. ground to rear beam mounts) or are we talking about something which could conceivably be miles off (e.g. arch gap or a wonky rear bumper)
  Iceberg 172
the fronts, in my eyes, seem spot on. no problem there. the rears are blindingly obvious with these springs in. i havent measured the lip - centre bore or anything... the drivers side tucked the rim and the passenger side just started to tuck the tyre, thats how bad it was.
  2005 182 non-cup
Sorry to drag an old one up but did you ever find the solution to this problem as I now have it and have tried swapping everything to no avail, always drivers side over an inch lower!
  2005 182 non-cup
Nope, dropping it threw my tracking way out aswell, steering wheel is 1/4 turn to the left to go straight! hoping that's why I'm uneven on the rears but doubtful.
  Iceberg 172
Ah my 70mm werent too bad. Bit of a difference but tracking was spot on. The 100mm springs i got were the issue
  2005 182 non-cup
Ok mate, cheers for the help. I have some of the spacer style adjusters from the BC coilovers which the guy gave me as he didn't have the adjustable pods that normally come with them. I was running with just the spring so I'll try the spacers and see if it's any better higher.