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Recaro CS 197/200 seat solution for Clio 172 etc


ClioSport Club Member
  EVO 6
I can now offer a solution to the problem associated when fitting the Recaro CS seats from 197/200 into a MK2 Clio,or other vehicle.

The original seat frame assembly on the 197 stands very tall making it difficult to fit in other cars.

The standard seat frame assembly is also a structural part of the seat unlike a lot of other seats.

Removing this part actually leaves the CS seat in two pieces.The back rest and the seat base are now individual parts.

My new VBD replacement Recaro CS seat frames will enable you to remove the existing seat frame assembly and allow you to bolt the two seat parts back together.

This will then give you a seat that is ready to accept either mine or your own adaptors if you’ve already got some.

The price per seat frame is £140 collected from Merseyside

Post is £16

I’ve got limited stock at this time but will re-order depending on interest.

  Mini R58
Do they Fix Mini R58 with Recaro Clubsport? If they fit my Recaro I want a set.

Shipping to Germany possible?