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Recaros in the 197

Whats the score on these,

As i can see it on the renaultsport site, they are not available on the options list

anyone know when they are to become available?
No offical realease as of yet afaik!

People will post what a salesman has told them, but we all know not to believe that! lol
Revels106 said:
No offical realease as of yet afaik!

People will post what a salesman has told them, but we all know not to believe that! lol

bummer, those seats are gorgeous and i guess with all the other options added could make a nice replacement for the 182
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They were in the latest 197 memo i got a work a few weeks ago, just says available soon cant remember if there was a price??? i'll have a look at work tomorrow..
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i've got pics of them in the 197 at the motorshow, but they didn't come out great. They are completely different to the Recaros for the Megane.
^^ old post I thought I would bring up.... are the seats still not available??? whats going on?? Renault waiting to do cup/trophy model???
  Clio200 EDC Lux
seat are available now for £850 oh and if you want the nice seats you can't have the nice stereo.. I kid you not! There is not enough space under the recaro seats for the amp that come with the 6 disk headunit.
Seats have been availiable for some time dealers havn't relaised/been told.

Seats are superb I'd only buy a 197 with them.
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i sat in a 197 at Autosport with them fitted, not bad, but not fantastic

oh and it had "the spoiler pack" looks like it crashed into halfords! (had th gash white speedlines too)
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The Booklet the Dealer gave me when I went for a Test drive today:

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LOL what that all about, smokers pack £15 ? Do you get a renault magic tree or something :lolup:

LOL yeah! Ford have been doing this for years - my mate bought a Fiesta Zetec S back in 2000, and they wanted £50 for the smokers pack - all you got for that was an ashtray, and a cigarette lighter instead of a normal power outlet. :S
  Octy vRS & Ninja 650
^ Yeah I asked about that too, what a load of B*ll*cks!

If people wanna smoke in their car, use a lighter and open the window!
Not that I even let people near my car with a lit fag!


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I sat in the 1/2 leather 1/2 alcentara today at the show! AWSUM! 763 Per seat! PMSL!
After sitting in the Recaros at Autosport i just couldn't have them without, they were the f**king sex!

I'm a skinny lad and they still held me tight.
They are listed on the build your car section now - not available with the CD Changer.


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They are the worse recaros i've sat in, probably because renault have buggered about with them putting airbags on the sides etc.

Give me the Trophy/Meg R26 recaro's ANY day! :D
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Ive managed to get 197 seats in my new 138 which is on order. Should be with me by 1st march, but will not be fitted by manufacturer, renault will fit them when they recieve them car for me.
  Inferno 182 w/ Recaros ;)
Pah, whats the point in putting lateral airbags in them. Just more expense should someone crash into you. And more weight.